We keep working…

This year we have a different, interesting and challenging projects.

For example, among the popular 30 kWp, we made a PV System for own needs with a capacity of 57 kWp





In May we had another challenging project: again photovoltaic for own consumption, but on an insidious roof. Steep and dangerous roof, with mineral wool under the boards. The only option – load-bearing structure.

97009217_258579398835798_7922631639253909504_o 97583156_258579372169134_6931883757532086272_o 96941051_258579392169132_2874082425313427456_o

In June we built several pumping stations – the summer was very unfriendly.

104078680_279471000079971_2281189206067606088_n 103981575_279470766746661_3303635658229671101_n

For a change, we also went to Greece, where we turned on the electricity in a summer house. As colleagues said, in addition to octopuses and squid, there are also photovoltaics!

viber_image_2020-06-28_17-37-56 viber_image_2020-06-29_17-47-55 viber_image_2020-06-29_17-57-13 viber_image_2020-06-29_19-20-27 viber_image_2020-06-29_19-20-32 viber_image_2020-06-30_13-16-17

August started with something even more interesting PV 100 kWp. The company is building a plant for its own consumption. Colleagues are building a structure, adding panels. To work well, they put a double rainbow.

viber_image_2020-08-19_22-17-08 viber_image_2020-08-18_12-26-33.1 viber_image_2020-08-18_13-07-45. viber_image_2020-08-18_15-32-14 117923999_328288478531556_115180249524921481_o


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