• Architectural solutions

    Posted : Thursday, November 18 th, 2021 · Comments : 0
    We are very happy when architects include photovoltaic elements in their work. This means that solar energy occupies a position in the construction industry. In this project we had to produce custom panels to fit the space provided. We had to place the order before the construction of the building to include the production time,
  • Summer projects

    Posted : Monday, June 14 th, 2021 · Comments : 0
    In two weeks, the new preferential for photovoltaic electricity for next year will come into force. The month is busy, with interesting dynamics – projects are being completed, documentation is being prepared. In addition, June decided to behave like October – cold and rain. And we are building.
  • When customers are satisfied

    Posted : Thursday, June 10 th, 2021 · Comments : 0
    We are very happy when customers are satisfied and send us feedback. Photos: 30 kW systems in Northeastern Bulgaria.
  • Solar bench in General Toshevo

    Posted : Monday, March 29 th, 2021 · Comments : 0
    We take the time to do something beautiful. In the center of General Toshevo, at the initiative of the Municipal Youth Council, we placed a solar bench. The project is based on a unique design by Technoson. The installation allows to charge 4 electronic devices in the same time. The pavilion carries a message: the
  • Technosun in Sozopol

    Posted : Friday, February 19 th, 2021 · Comments : 0
      Among the projects for 30 kWp we have more fun projects – in this case a public procurement of a system for own needs. The investor understood the longevity of the investment and the renovation of the roof waterproofing was included in the order. This is highly recommended to do. Sometimes, we have  refused