About us

Technosun Ltd. is established in 2007, Burgas, Bulgaria with main activities – renewable energy.

The company starts designing of systems for production and storage of renewable energy – main priorities and philosophy of the founders.

Technosun Ltd. develops itself together with the renewable sector in the country. The manager eng. Dimitrov is also a founder of the Bulgarian Solar Association.

We are active in the design, delivery and installation of renewable energy plants. Our first PV system is on-grid, solar tacker with 5 kWp capacity in the village Ravadinovo near Burgas.

Until now we have over 150 projects with capacity between 2 Wp and 22 MWp.

The largest project is an industrial PV plant with capacity 22 MWp in the village Jilga, Kazakhstan.

Our company aims to develop the main aspect of the renewable energy – the right programming and optimal operation of the investments. In we invested in professional software PVSyst, later in PVSol to delivery geo-planning of every system – location, geographical elements, atmosphere conditions, available area to maximize the benefits of the investment.

We maintain partnership with the main stakeholders in the sector – solar modules, inverters, control and monitoring systems, energy storage, positioners and mounting structures.

Our policy

We believe that the future depends of clear view and optimal use of the resources. We develop eco-friendly energy production.

Our company aims to maximize the use of the renewable energy. We have the right base – qualified coworkers and partner net to realize your ideas.

We offer individual solutions using our full capacity of experience and technical resources to deliver quality products. We are flexible, know the markets and use everything to install the right system for your home or business.

We grow together with you.